Infomercial Production

The right infomercial can turn a product no one has ever heard of into a globally recognized brand overnight!

Television is a powerful advertising tool. In order to take full advantage of its potential, you need a professional on your side who’s successfully created, launched, and managed national infomercial campaigns that generated billions of dollars in revenue! Our team members are experts at producing custom TV spots, managing media, and more.

We know how to SELL

Expand your reach, and target new potential customers you’ve never dreamed of reaching before. Our passionate, creative staff will manage and guide you through the process of commercial production and create a powerful, professional TV spots that sell and make your product famous.

Through our studio partnerships and relationships with other Direct Response Marketers, our network of companies have produced the TV spots of hundreds of the products you know and love.

Production is just the beginning

We’ll also orchestrate a carefully planned media buy that will ensure your spot gets the right exposure and the right audiences to maximize your campaign’s chance for success.

  • Expert Script Writing

    We’ll write a script that makes your product exciting and show the benefits of every feature!

  • Animation & Photography

    We’ll animate still photos and create 3D models that demonstrate how your product works.

  • In the Studio or In the Field

    Hours of HD footage from in the studio, on-location, and green screen goes into a typical production, which lets us create multiple spots.

  • Voice Over & Live Host

    We’ll find the right pitch man, background music, and record all of the voice over.

Ready to get started? If you think your product is a fit for what we do, hit the button and tell us about it!