The Top TV Brands are Already Here

Approximately 80% of the buying of new TV products happens online, with hundreds of thousands of searches for As Seen On TV by name (and millions more for individual products).

We’re leading the charge in the evolution of Direct Response TV, and the convergence of TV and eCommerce – and now you can be a part of it. Read what it takes to be a seller on our site below, or explore the New Easy Marketplace to see how your products will look once they’re listed with us!

Here’s Why You Should Partner With Us

  • A Trusted Brand

    As Seen On TV is an established, trusted brand that’s been a household name for more than 40 years. Millions of customers will be able to order your products with a single click, with more than 30,000 new visitors daily.

  • Technology-Enabled Engagement

    Our advanced product matching algorithm identifies likely buyers and pitches your products to them directly.

  • Customer Service

    All customer service is handled by our systems and staff. No more “where’s my product” phone calls, no more questions by email, no more dealing with inquiries through social media. It’s all managed by our team, and we’ll only contact you if a situation requires your input.

  • Instant Delivery of Digital Goods

    Our platform also allows you to sell eBooks, software, and other downloadable products – and deliver them to the customer. We can automatically license keys or serial numbers, and deactivate them if the customer requests a refund.

  • Affiliate Network

    Get more exposure through our affiliate network. Your products will appear on thousands of our affiliate websites, and we pay the commissions.

  • Customers search us first

    The vast majority of buyers don’t remember the domain name they saw advertised on TV – they’re searching for the product on our site first. Having your products here means more visibility, and more sales.

  • Reduce Marketing Costs

    As Seen On TV customers are active shoppers, with the majority purchasing more than one item per order, and returning to our site again to make future purchases. We actively market all of the products on our site (using our own dollars), saving you the management time and cost of online advertising.

  • Product and Order API

    Our two-way REST API can be used to fully integrate your existing technology and systems with ours for automated management.

  • Unified Customer Experience

    Most of our customers visit our site with the intent of buying one product and end up buying more than one. Our site provides a consistent, unified customer experience that allows all vendors to sell more.

  • Mobile Shopping

    Our mobile app offers price comparisons and one-touch purchasing, and the same recommendations that are featured on our site. When customers see your product on TV, they can buy it immediately from our app with one touch.

  • MAP Enforcement

    We know that when a new product is part of an active TV campaign, every dollar counts. We’ll enforce your MAP across the site.

* Requires advance notification of media schedule. Some conditions apply.

Who can be a Vendor?

Any person or company who:

  • Sells products from the ‘As Seen On TV’ category on Amazon, eBay, or other Marketplace sites.
  • Operates an “As Seen On TV Store” or other specialty retail location or website.
  • Produces a product that’s been demonstrated on Television; it doesn’t have to be an “infomercial product”.
  • Is an authorized distributor or retailer who maintains an inventory of products in our market space, and can drop-ship directly to customers.
  • Has pitched, or will be pitching their product on ABC’s Shark Tank – whether you got a deal on the show or not, we love working with Shark Tank entrepreneurs!
  • Has products that are a fit for our site that were launched through Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, or other crowd funding site and has had their fund raising campaign picked up by news outlets.
  • Inventors who have inventory ready to ship and have an infomercial launch planned for the future.

Who CAN’T be a vendor

There are a few types of companies and products we won’t allow on the site.

  • Used or Refurbished Products.
  • Companies who don’t own their inventory (sorry, we don’t allow Vendors who are fulfilling using other drop-shippers)
  • Products that ship from outside of the United States.
  • Companies with small quantities (less than 10 available units of an item).
  • Products that require multiple payments or trigger a subscription.
  • Services and Non-Physical Goods
  • Sellers of knock-off versions of our products. (Alternative products are allowed on our site, providing they’re described accurately and not misrepresented as the genuine brand).

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